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Founder & Head Trainer

Ben Vernon

Vernon Dog Training is a veteran-owned business established in January 2021.

Our owner, Ben Vernon, is bringing to you over 3 years of K9 training while serving in the United States Air Force. His passion started early on noticing the capabilities and intelligence of his K-9 companions After working with seven different MWD (Military Working Dog), Ben wanted to further his passion for helping dog owners experience a better life with their pets.

Vernon Dog Training utilizes balanced training focusing on basic to advanced obedience, socialization, and teaching you how to communicate with your pet. Our passion is creating a bond, trust, and loyalty between dog owners and their pets. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.

While Ben was stationed in Tucson Arizona he saw a cardboard sign for German Shepherd puppies so they knew they had to get one. Ben trained their puppy Phoenix the way he was taught by the military and learned how much better life can be with a well-trained dog. Learning how to create a calm dog was what pushed Ben to start Vernon Dog Training after separating from the military. Ben knew he had to take his knowledge and share it with dog owners. In January 2021 Ben started Vernon Dog Training and has been helping owners ever since.

Vernon Dog Training Tampa Bay - Ben Vernon
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