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Our passion is creating a bond, trust, and loyalty between dog owners and their pets.


Basic Obedience

Our Basic Obedience Dog Training will teach your dog the basic verbal commands and hand signals like sit, stay, down, come, and place. Your dog will know which action is expected of them when given a command. 

Golden Dog

Private Lessons

Private lessons are for follow-up training to hone in trouble areas and advance your dog in their behavior and obedience. Clients must go through the basic obedience program before starting the private lessons

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Board and Train

Want help but don't have the time?  Our Board and Train package is best for people that want more focus on their dog. This would include a 2-week stay in one of our trainers' homes focusing on the following commands.

sit, down, stay, heel, place, load, come, leave it, wait, off, quiet, free dog.

Free follow-up lessons for life.

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Not sure where to start? Request a free consultation to determine the best option for you and your dog(s). 


Your Trusted Tampa Bay Dog Trainer

Vernon Dog Training is a veteran-owned business established in January 2021.

Vernon Dog Training utilizes balanced training focusing on basic to advanced obedience, socialization, and teaching you how to communicate with your pet. Our passion is creating a bond, trust, and loyalty between dog owners and their pets.


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Founder & Head Trainer

Ben Vernon


 While Ben was stationed in Tucson Arizona they saw a cardboard sign for German Shepherd puppies so they knew they had to get one. Ben trained their puppy Phoenix the way he was taught by the military and learned how much better life can be with a well-trained dog. Learning how to create a calm dog was what pushed Ben to start Vernon Dog Training after separating from the military. Ben knew he had to take his knowledge and share it with dog owners. In January 2021 Ben started Vernon Dog Training and has been helping owners ever since.

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Ben has been an incredible help and resource for  training our dog, Clover. He is very knowledgeable and has answered any questions that we have had. He is very passionate about his work and it shows in his care for dogs and their owners. I felt equipped with the knowledge I needed to properly train Clover. I highly recommend Vernon Dog Training!

Amanda R.

Ben is amazing! Not only did he completely understand our pupper, he understood how to train us.
From the first session, he learned our beagle and understood what it took to make her go. Then, he utilized that knowledge to train her.
Ben was also very good at explaining each method of training and why it was being utilized.
I can’t recommend Vernon Dog Training enough. If you want your special pet to be trained by a caring trainer who will make a real difference, Ben is your man!

Michael L.

Absolutely phenomenal experience. Ben was very professional, understanding, and knowledgable. I had been having trouble training my dog for months, partly due to the time work consumed and partly due to my inexperience with dog training. After just a few sessions with United States Air Force veteran Ben Vernon, the obedience and compliance to commands my dog showed was incredible. Definitely recommend him to anyone needing dog training.

Tim G.

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